Program basically uses English captions and dialogs.
Translations for KORO File Shredder Version 4.2

Ukrainian lng file
Czech lng file
English lng - template
Hungarian lng file
German lng file
Translations to other languages
Creating a new translation
After downloading       the templates you should create an appropriate work space on your computer:
Translation editor
The translation work is facilitated by using a editor.
Recommended programs:
Notepad ++
- good for programmers
Microsoft Windows Notepad  - good for non-technical people
Create a new directory se-phrases in My Documents
Copy the template to this folder
Create a subdirectory languages
There, create subdirectories for each language you wish to support
Open the template with an editor (Notepad) and save as a new file in the appropriate language subdirectory.
Insert the translated phrases. Make sure that the translated phrases have similar lengths to the originals so that they will fit into their fields in the desktop window.
Send the lng file back to me as an E-Mail attachment. I will then integrate the translation into the program package.
Updating translations
Templates will change on new program versions. Because of this, only new and changed phrases have to be edited.I will carry out the merging of the new template with the previous translation after each update and will then send the partial translation back to the translator for further editing.
Update process
Copy the new templates to the directory se-phrases
Enter the editor (Notepad) to add and change translations
Translations for KORO USB Disk Formatter Version 3.1
Ukrainian lng file
English lng - template
Hungarian lng file
German lng file
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People who wish to help by creating
translations to other languages are welcomed ...