KoRo File Shredder 5

Safe Erasure of Folders and Files.

    v5.2.3 | 6.16 MB 32/64 bit

    Windows® 10 ,8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT

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KoRo File Shredder

KoRo File Shredder is a program to erase sensitive data in a way that a reconstruction will be impossible. Data will be overwritten several times using the | US DoD 5220.22-M (ECE) | erasure method.

    System Requirements

    KoRo File Shredder will operate on the following versions of Microsoft Windows:

  • Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 32/64 bit Operating system.
    Minimum requirements to run the program
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or above
  • Memory: 256 MB or above
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB or above
  • Internet Connection: Only required to update the program
    Overview of included add-ons

    In addition to the main program KoRo File Shredder the installation file contains the following tools:

  • AutorunUpdate: Automatically update the program.
  • PasswordMaker: Password generator.
  • PortableMaker: Create a portable version of the program.
  • WinTools: Windows useful tools.
  • SeUninstall: Uninstalls the program with optional deletion of associated user files.

What is the KORO File Shredder ?

KoRo File Shredder is a program to erase sensitive data in a way that a recovery will be impossible. Data will be overwritten several times e.g. using the US DoD 5220.22-M(ECE) erasure method. Using File Shredder you can delete files and documents from your hard drive and must not worry about that they could be recovered anytime later. Software tools offered for retrieval of deleted files under Windows, usually called "file recovery" software, are taking advantage of the shortcoming of the Windows "delete" command we are normally using to delete files. In fact, the "delete" operation in Windows only removes some bits of information from file directories so that the files disappear from thefile manager view. To undelete such a file, it is just necessary to repair the entry in the file directory. To remove files permanently from your system, like a shredder does with your paper documents, you have to use a program that is capable of overwriting the files with a series of random generated binary data for multiple times. Thus, the current contents of the files will be overwritten in a way that a recovery is practically unpossible.

Wiping out method

Before deletion all files are overwritten using one of the following algorithms.

Name Shredding Description
 1 Simple File Deletion 0 Pass Simple file deleton of files and folders. (not recommended) only if you want to restore it sometime.
 2 Zero 1 Pass Overwrite the files with zeros.
 3 DOD 5220.22ME 3 Passes Overwrite files in accordance with the US Department of Defense regulation DOD 5220.22-M(E).
 4 DOD 5220.22M.ECE 7 Passes Overwrite files in accordance with the US Department of Defense regulation DOD 5220.22M(ECE).
 5 German VSITR 7 Passes German standard calls for data to be overwritten with three alternating patterns of zeroes and ones and in the last pass with random data.
 6 Beyond DOD Standard 13 Passes Overwrite files in accordance with the US Department of Defense regulation DOD Standards.
 7 Gutmann 35 Passes Overwrite files using the method developed by Peter Gutmann.This method is considered to be the most secure, but slow.
Special features
KoRo Shredder PRO 
Easy to use interface
Multiple preset shredding methods
Support for internal and external drives
Support for removable media (SD Flash, Compact Flash, USB drives)
Fool proof warnings before deleting any files
Protects system files from being removed by mistake
Administrator and do not use an administrator
Multi-Language Supported
If you delete files in use warning
Warning when the user cancels a running erasure process
Deleted files and folders logging
Show Splash Screen
Do not display date of last use
Minimize to system tray when program is closed
Open automatically on Windows startup
Automatically check for update
Drop Target Window: Make file shredding easy and quick by using drag and drop feature
Deleting system files | Temporary Files, Temporary Internet Files, Internet Cookies |
Integration with Windows Explorer: Wipe your file or folder right from Windows Explorer
Creating portable version
Add items to file and folder context menu
Full Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000  32|64 bit
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Download the latest version of KoRo File Shredder.
    2. Double-click the file and go through the installation process.
    3. You should now be able to run KoRo Shredder by going to Start » All Programs »» Shredder v5/KoRo Shredder v5/ and clicking on the Shredder icon.

  • 1. Click Start » Control Panel.
    2. Click Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs.
    3. Double-click KoRo Shredder.
    4. Click Yes from the uninstallation confirmation dialog.

  • After installing the program you will find a corresponding entry in the Windows Start menu and, if so selected during installation, a desktop icon.

  • Automatic Update

    The program will check if software upgrade is available after start. After this opportunity to download the update.

    Manual Update

    To update to a new version, just download and execute the current installation file. It will automatically replace all old files in the KoRo Shredder installation directory with those of the new version